App Smashing with an iPad Mobile Movie Studio

Turn your students into the next Steven Spielberg, by unleash their creativity, and empower them with the powerful tool that is an iPad Mobile Movie Studio. Teach them to App Smash and watch them collaborate, communicate, and get creative in their film projects. 

App Smashing is the process of creating content with several different apps, merging that content, and then publishing it to the internet. In this hands on session, you'll learn to smash with slow-motion, time-lapsed, special effects, green screen apps and more.. then publish with YouTube. 

Here's the App Smashing Resource document that links to and describes every app mentioned and used in this session.

Whether you teach a video class or just want to incorporate more video projects into your lessons, you'll be glad you attended this session!  In under 2 hours, you'll master the  "App Smashing" process.  I'll model how to use a variety of creative iPad apps and then attendees will film, act in, and share each others video clips before 'Smashing' these clips together and publishing their final product to YouTube.  Participants will be guided and coached through the process so that each will become a true CUE Rockstar App Smashing Movie Maker.  Your students will love all of the new tricks you're able to show them and you'll unleash a whirlwind of creativity by putting these skills in their hands.

App Smashing with an iPad Mobile Movie Studio