BootStrap Programming - Where Algebra, Video Games, & Computer Programming Collide

CUE Rockstar Faculty: Ed Campos (@EdCamposJr)

Device needed: Laptop or Chromebook

Teach your students to code and reinforce their Algebra skills using this FREE Common Core aligned curriculum. Students can login using their Google accounts and write, compile, and troubleshoot their code with WeScheme, a cloud based programming environment. Your students will program their own video game using code and Algebra(order of operations, linear equations, piecewise functions, compound inequalities, and distance formula)

BootStrap 1 CUERockstar Petaluma

In this session, attendees will learn to navigate the website and become familiar with the FREE Common Core aligned Bootstrap curriculum and all of the supplemental resources it offers. Normally, Bootstrap training occurs over the course of 2-3 days, but you all are CUE Rockstars so you'll get the accelerated version. :-)

Today you will:
-Learn to navigate the BootstrapWorld website to access the curriculum for you and your students.
-Become familiar with the WeScheme cloud based programming environment and the RacketCode programming language.
-Learn how to write "Circles of Evaluation" for mathematical functions and translate them into RacketCode. and use them to visualize and reinforce Order of Operations and Composition of Functions.
-Learn about all the various data types used in WeScheme with RacketCode.
-Practice using the "Design Recipe" to solve world problems and write functions in RacketCode, meanwhile reinforcing concepts of function domain and range.
-Create your own video game and write functions to enable movement for your characters in the game.

Feel free to tweet out a link to your game and any Bootstrap session notes using the #CUERockstar hashtag throughout the day!